The Most Famous Logos in Brand History

The Most Famous Logos in Brand History

When it comes to brand recognition, nothing is quite as effective as a memorable logo.

From shoes to electronics and many of your favourite foods, lots of household brands have some of the most famous logos in history.

Let's take a closer look at some of the companies who have created incredible logos that are easy to recognize, making them a famous household name.


When it comes to brand recognition, Nike has one of the most famous logos of all time. You don't have to be a professional basketball player to easily recognize the famous "swoosh."

This simple yet effective logo was created all the way back in 1971 by a graphic design student. And even though it's supremely simple, it's also highly impactful and effective. Everyone from kids to professional athletes will instantly recognize the Nike logo when they see it.

Ford Motor Company

When it comes to cars, Ford has one of the most widely recognized logos out there. Simple yet elegant, this brand logo made its first debut all the way back in 1903 and featured an elegant border.

The logo for Ford is actually a version of Ford's real signature in script form. Over the decades, the logo has been slightly modernized, but overall it has kept its original colour scheme and design.

This signature-inspired vehicle logo is found on all Ford cars today. Even if you're not a fan of Ford, you can easily tell which cars on the road are Ford models thanks to the dark blue colouring and scripted signature.


Even before the advent of Amazon, UPS has long been a standard in the world of package delivery services. This unmistakeable logo features a colour combination of dark brown and bright yellow.

The United Parcel Service has changed quite a bit since its original creation back in 1916. In fact, the most recent change was made in 2003 when UPS went from a simple black sketch to its yellow and brown logo we see today.

Regardless of its evolution, all of the UPS logos have one thing in common: the shield symbol. This shield was created to invoke feelings of security and trust among UPS's customers. That's one reason why UPS has one of the most famous logos of all time.


When it comes to high fashion, Chanel is certainly one of the most famous brands of all. Part of this is due to the fashion house's designs, but their logo has certainly played a role when it comes to brand recognition.

The Chanel logo is one of the earliest examples of letter-play, a design where the company uses the business initials to create a visually unique design. The combination of two C's facing different directions creates a bold and simple logo that works.

Today you'll find letter-play logos all over the place, but Chanel was truly a pioneer in this form of graphic design. When you see the two large C's, you automatically know it's a Chanel product.


For 100 years, Frigidaire has been a pioneer in the world of refrigeration and appliances. Their sleek scripted logo first appeared in 1955 and it's still being used today.

This simple logo is highly impactful thanks to its retro-inspired font design. It's highly reflective of the space age era where people looked to rocket ships, astronauts, and the moon for inspiration.

With its mid-century design, the Frigidaire logo shows that it's a brand that can stand the test of time. While little has changed, it's easy to see why this logo is so revered by customers today. Combine the throwback style with new and updated appliances, and Frigidaire is clearly here to stay.


The modern consumer can instantly spot an Apple product today. The original logo was a lot more intricate but it was scrapped by Steve Jobs since it had an antique-looking design.

The new Apple logo was released in 1977 and featured the now iconic rainbow-coloured stripes inside an apple shape. This logo stayed the same for many years until the company decided to pare it down a bit.

Today's Apple logo is much simpler but it still exhibits the classic apple shape. The rainbow colours might be gone, but consumers still know when they're looking at an Apple product within seconds of seeing this famous logo. 

McDonald's: One of the Most Famous Logos of All Time

When you see those "golden arches," you know you're looking at a Mcdonald's restaurant. This internationally-known fast-food chain is easy to spot from a mile away, and it's all thanks to some creative design.

The concept of turning two yellow-coloured arches into an M was created to make the restaurant easy to spot from a distance. This idea has shown to be highly effective since you can usually see a Mcdonald's from the highway. If you're hungry, all you have to do is look for those famous golden arches.

Logos Make Businesses Stand Out

Whether they're simple or complex, the most famous logos of all time achieved one common goal: brand recognition. With creative logo design, any company can become widely recognized in no time.

From the simple Nike swoosh to the UPS shield, logos play an essential role in business success. 

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