Attract Attention at Your Next Convention With These 7 Retractable Banner Design Tips

Attract Attention at Your Next Convention With These 7 Retractable Banner Design Tips

Consumers pass and read hundreds, if not thousands, of advertisements each day. Each one fights to get their attention but only a few succeed.

When consumers are at an event, there are banners all around them. So what is it exactly that catches a consumer's eye in a sea of banners, signs, and ads? 

Your company's ad can be the one that succeeds! Your retractable banner should attract and keep attention. Keep reading to learn seven retractable banner design tips to help you stand out at events!

1. Logo at the Top

Don't think the order of words on your banner matters? Think again!

Consumers read top to bottom then left to right, so whatever is at the TOP of your banner will catch the eye first. Your logo could get totally skipped over if it's at the bottom of your banner.

Make sure to put your company's logo at the top! Place your logo so it's the first thing they see, therefore the main thing they remember.

Take a step back and look at it yourself. Decide if it would draw your eye at an event.

Is it the first thing you look at? Does it stand out from other logos? Do you remember what it said and what it looked like later?

2. Message at Eye Level

The best advertisers know the power of having their product or service at eye level. While your logo should be at the top of your banner, your main message should be at eye level.

Whatever is at eye level will hold consumers' attention the longest because it's the easiest to look at. It may seem strange, but the less work you make a consumer do (even just with their eyes), the better. Be strategic about what's there.

Because your message will be at eye level, you want the message itself to be perfect. You can't afford to waste the consumer's time or attention, which we'll get into next.

3. Direct Message & Benefits

Did you know that people see around 4,000 ads per day? You don't want yours to get lost in there!

The main message on your banner needs to be direct and clear. As the consumer walks around the event, they only give each ad a few seconds (or less!) of their attention so you must make it count.

Make sure that your direct message includes the benefits of your product or service. Tell the consumer right off the bat why they should choose you, what they'll get out of it.

4. Large, Clear Print

Keeping in mind that consumers only give your particular banner a second or two, you want them to be able to see it from far away! Design your logo and main message to be large and clear.

Large and clear enough for elderly people to read, even large and clear enough for children to read. Also large and clear enough for anyone to read from across the event space.

That way you attract potential customers from all around the room, not just those who happen to walk by. Check out our wide selection of banner products that'll help you interest potential customers.

5. Few Words

Who wants to read something that's too wordy? No one, not even people who like to read!

If your banner has too many words, it immediately looks cluttered. It'll repel people's attention before it even has a chance to draw it.

Think of the catchiest logos and mottos you know. They're usually only one to five words. Fewer words are more memorable! Read more here about the best words for effective ads.

Your banner can utilize this fact to catch and retain people's attention. Don't overdo it on the words, pictures, and messages. Keep it simple and to the point.

6. Identifiable Logo, Colours, Theme

When designing your retractable banner, don't forget to consider the theme of your whole setup. Does your company have a booth that'll be next to your banner?

What are the colors of that space? What are the common images? What's the aesthetic vibe?

Those all need to tie in with your banner. You don't want your banner to be paisley and purple while your booth is neutral and soft.

People like looking at aesthetically-pleasing things, regardless of what it is. Make sure that your banner goes with your booth and it all ties together visually.

Familiarize yourself with what colours look best together and which colours draw attention. Put time and energy toward making your banner identifiable and nice to look at.

7. Set-Up & Placement

Imagine you design the perfect retractable banner. The colours are spot-on, the logo is catchy, the main message is direct and effective, and pretty much anyone can read it from anywhere.

You get to your event and your perfect banner is covered up by something hanging from the ceiling. Or doesn't fit next to your table. Or is partly obscured by the booth next to you.

You can avoid this scenario by planning ahead of time! Be aware of the event's set-up and the set-up of your particular space. Measure your banner, your table, and anything else in your space.

Also, think about your banner's placement. Consider how attendees will be walking down your aisle. What will they see first?

Position it so it's at the most visible, eye-catching angle. Practice walking near your space to see how best to place your retractable banner. You spend good time and brain power on your banner, make sure it gets seen!

Retractable Banner Design Can Determine Your Company's Success

Is your company attending an upcoming advertising event? Worried that your retractable banner design will get lost in the sea of other banners, posters, booths, and ads? Don't go unnoticed, follow these seven tips for attracting the attention you deserve!

By applying these tips you'll be sure not to waste time, energy, or money on ineffective ads. Your banners can be successful attention-drawers for you and your product or service.

Contact us for all your printing needs. Put your worries to rest and get ready to catch every consumer's eye!

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