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PDF Format

Files must be saved as a postscript file from your native program first, then “distilled” using Acrobat Distiller using PRESS setting. All 14pt cardstock Print Jobs must be in one of these file formats for quick turnaround time: .eps, .tiff, .pdf, .ai, .psd, .jpg. All .tiff, .psd and .jpg must be a minimum of 300dpi (600 is recommended) and in CMYK colour format.

PDF Format

Only for magazines and multi-page documents. Include all fonts & supporting images. Supporting images should be in CMYK colour format unless a Pantone colour is to be printed. Images should be at a resolution of 300dpi.

PDF Format

Your work should have layers flattened and save as .tif documents. Please make sure your document is in CMYK colour and at a resolution of 300dpi.

PDF Format

Save file as an EPS format, images should be embedded, and fonts should be converted to outlines.

All fonts used must be supplied. Both printer and screen fonts must be included. Postscript fonts yield industry standard results. Alternatively all fonts can be converted to outlines.

All scanned images should be of a professional standard. Scanned images need to be saved at an appropriate resolution of 300 dpi for continuous tone reproduction (photos and/or illustrations). Photos or scans should always be saved as CMYK and saved in tif format.

When we quote a print size. It is for that specific image area. Please make bleeds inward (at least .25″) unless other wise specified. If you are bleeding outward please include the bleed when requesting quote.

All colours in your document must be CMYK. If you use spot colours in your design please convert them to CMYK before saving. (Duotone Images Must Also be converted). Colour is printed to IcanPrint Standards i.e. pleasing colour. Exact colour match is not guaranteed and nearly impossible on gang runs. Critical colours requires a colour key or match print. Colour laser copies or other proofs are not considered accurate prepress proofs.

For a rich black to be used in backgrounds & large areas, you can not use 100K and expect to get rich black, you will get a grayish black instead. Use: 40Cyan / 30Magenta / 0Yellow / 100Black (K) Exception To This Rule Is Type: for written type use ONLY 100K (Black) 0 C M Y because it is too difficult to perfectly register small type and the result would be blurry looking type.

Do Not use too much magenta or you may receive a purple colour. Even if your card came out blue before it may become purple next time. Use: 100C (Cyan) 60M (Magenta) and to make it darker ADD Black to a MAXIMUM of 40K.

Do Not use too much cyan or you may receive a blue colour. Even if your card came out purple before it may become blue next time. Use: 60C (Cyan) 100M (Magenta) and to make it darker ADD Black to a MAXIMUM of 40K.

It is very important to save your files the right way, to ensure you are going to receive the highest level of output possible. We do not recommen use pictures off internet web pages, photo's from your phone, scans or slightly pixelated (blurry) photo's. Your design is the most important part of your printed product, it's how your potential customer will preceive your business. If you need help putting together your artwork, contact us today