Business Cards

Business Card

We print 12 different types of business cards at our Mississauga facility, just outside of Toronto. You can be confident we will have the right cards to fit your personality and budget.

Popular Business Cards
16pt AQ Cards
Premium 16pt Cards - From $25
Semi-gloss finish & writeable with most pens.
17pt Slik Cards
17pt Silk Cards - From $40
Silky smooth business cards with a dull finish.
17pt Suede Cards
17pt Suede Cards - From $70
Super soft cards and are aka velvet or soft touch.


Don’t have a business card design file?

We have over 60 free business card design templates for you to choose from. Once your order is placed, you will receive a design proof within one business day.

12 card stocks to choose from

Nationwide shipping available. Shipping costs range from $15-$25, and you can expect to receive your order 1-3 business days after production is finished. If you need cards in a rush, we also have the same and next day printing options.

Professional Series
16pt AQ Cards
Premium 16pt Cards - From $25
Semi-gloss finish & writeable with most pens.
14pt Matte Cards
14pt Matte Cards - From $35
Uncoated cards & writeable with all pens.
16pt UV Cards
16pt UV Cards - From $30
High-gloss business cards and non-writeable.
Premium Series
17pt Slik Cards
17pt Silk Cards - From $40
Silky smooth business cards with a dull finish.
16pt Linen Cards
16pt Linen Cards - From $55
Bright white and thicker than the average.
Luxury Series
17pt Suede Cards
17pt Suede Cards - From $70
Super soft cards and are aka velvet or soft touch.
17pt Spot UV Cards
17pt Spot UV Cards - From $75
Silk business cards with spot gloss treatment.
UltraThick Series
30pt Enviro Cards - From $160
Super thick uncoated business cards.
30pt Suede Cards
30pt Suede Cards - From $175
Super soft and thick business cards, pure luxury!
40pt Seam Cards
40pt Seam Cards - From $225
12 different seam colours to choose from.
44pt Cotton Cards
44pt Cotton Cards - From $325
Letter-pressed cards with a classic look and feel.
24pt Touche Cards
24pt Touche Cards - From $450
Luxurious black card stock with foil stamping.

What You Need To Know

Turn Around Time

How long will my order take?

2-4 Days for standard series
4-7 Days for premium & luxury series
7-14 Days for ultra-thick collection
Shipping time not included

Specialty Finishing Treatments

Elevate your cards with print finishing:

Make your corners round
Paint your card edges with any colour
Silver, gold and coloured foil stamping
Emboss your logo or company name

Business Card Design Options

The choice is yours, as you can:
Upload your own design
• Pick a free design template
Re-create your current design $45
Custom business card design $60

Can’t Decide?

If you are unsure about what type of cards to print, you can feel them for yourself and order a free business card sample pack at no cost to you.

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What people say

"From Designing my logo, printing my business cards, folders, banners, creating my letter heads, custom note pads and was truly a one stop marketing shop that made my branding/printing needs for my new business very easy. Great experience working with Vinny and the team!!!!"

Mistry Motors

"NEPS offered extraordinary customer service. The variations of designs they provide were highly beyond my expectations and the outcome of my business card left many people in awe. There work is highly commendable as well as reliable. I am extremely pleased with the service I was provided and the overall outcome of my product.

Ritzy Roses

"They won't satisfy you, they will WOW you. I placed an extremely short notice order for business cards (48 hours), and Puneet and the NEPS team turned it around in less than 24 hours. Not only that but the cards echoed quality. This was the second batch I've ordered. They've won my business for a lifetime. I hope this helps others sitting on the fence. Happy customer ! "

Mansha Financial

What makes good business cards?

A good business card conveys the image of your business and provides all the necessary information on how you can be contacted. Your business cards should also present a processional and distinct representation of your company.

Why business card design is important?

Despite all of the possibilities to reach customers online, business cards are still an important part of building company image and brand recognition. A well-designed business card leaves the impression of a professional and provides another way of raising brand awareness.

What type of cards should I go with?

All businesses are unique. We strongly believe, a business card is the last thing someone remembers you by after your first encounter. The ultra thick series cards provide exceptional value and will certainly stand out stacked up against any type of business cards. Ultra thick enviro and suede cards are most popular.

Different Businesses Require Different Card Designs

The best business card design for you will depend on the type of business you are in. The colours, images, and font(s) you select all contribute to the look and feel you are going for. For example, bright colours and alternative fonts are best suited for businesses in the entertainment industry.

On the other hand, lawyers, consultants, and similar service based businesses will want to stick to a minimalistic style design, with white space and neutral colours, in order to represent a reliable and professional image.

Whatever image you need your business cards to present, you can achieve it with one of our 50 free designs and 12 different card types. Alternatively, you can provide your own business card design and have us just print them for you.

What information should my business card include?

The majority of businesses will want to include only the most essential information on their business card, without any distracting content. For most companies, this means including their logo as the central element, along with important contact information.

You want your cards to be easy to read at a quick glance. Avoid filling up the entire card, leave some white space and keep it clean. Information you certainly want to include:

Your name and title (if applicable)

• Company name and address

• Phone number

• E-mail address

• Company website

It’s the details that make you stand out

Our eye-catching business card designs and tactile finishes are sure to help you stand out from your competitors. If you have an idea of how you want your business cards to look, our design team can help bring that to life for you, alternatively we can create something specifically tailored to your needs.