The Modern Business Card: Are Business Cards Still Relevant in 2020?

The Modern Business Card: Are Business Cards Still Relevant in 2020?

Are you looking for quick ways to promote your business?

Promoting one’s business is easier than ever. All you need is a good ear on the ground to find out what’s trending. You can then use these trends to create a marketing ad that’s sure to generate some traffic in your business.

However, most trends often die out before you can make use of them. You’ll end up wasting time on a promotion method that won’t bring any positive results. You need a modern business card to promote your business.

Business cards have been a vital part of marketing for the longest time. They prove to be a reliable method of marketing your business. Are they still relevant in 2020, though?

Read on to find out how business cards will help you grow and expand your business.

1. It’s an Easy Way Exude Professionalism

The best and underrated benefit of having a business card at the ready is that it makes you look professional. There’s something suave about reaching into your pockets to offer a crisp business card to whoever you’re talking to. This makes it look like you’re a professional in your field.

It will cause them to trust you in matters relating to your business. This will then make it easier for you to do business with them. It’s a great way for you to build a relationship with clients.

This is useful if your business model is something akin to networking. These kinds of businesses rely on building social contracts with clients and other partners. Having a great first impression with a modern business card is a great way to speed up the relationship-building phase.

2. Business Cards Cater to Those Without a Smartphone

Despite having most of the global population own a smartphone, there’s still a small part that doesn’t have one. This means there’s a large group of people who don’t receive any form of marketing. They may have a personal computer to access the internet, but they’re too bulky to bring along wherever they go.

Mobile marketing is what’s hot right now. Most people are always on the go and it helps that you can keep up with them through mobile ads. This is where business cards come in and help you cater to this demographic.

You’ll want to cater to this group if you want to make the most of your marketing campaign. If you meet them on the go, you’ll want to let them know about your business and services. Telling them about it is not enough as they can forget to look it up while they go about their day.

Giving them a business card will help them remember to look you up. It also serves as a great way to reach you through the Internet or landline.

3. They Also Cater to People with Disabilities

The problem with digitizing ads is that people with disabilities won’t be able to know about them. Blind people cannot know about what your services are, while deaf people will have trouble taking in catchy jingles.

Business cards will have all the bases covered for them. You can have part of the card that has braille embedded in it. This will help blind people understand what your services or what your products do.

There’s also no need for you to come up and spend on a catchy tune with these cards. All the information is available on the card, making it the perfect marketing medium for deaf people. This makes business cards an accessible medium for all clients.

4. It’s Basic Business Etiquette to Provide a Business Card

You’ll often meet other business owners while you’re out promoting yours. You then collaborate with them to grow and make both of your businesses better. When this happens, they’ll often give you a contact card to reach them later.

You will want to give yours, too, when this happens. It’s a long-standing tradition to exchange cards with someone who’s given you theirs. Doing so helps them recognize your business as a good one to partner up with.

This will help your collaboration meetings go well later on. Make sure your card is one that’s worth sharing if you do this. Giving a professional card to another business owner is a great way to get their respect.

5. Prepares You to Do Business with Potential Customers

There’s nothing worse than getting caught with nothing to offer potential customers. You’ll end up looking unprepared if it’s a planned meeting. This can cause your business to lose a potential business partner or customer.

Even when it’s a random encounter with potential customers, you’ll want to give a card. Being prepared makes you look reliable as a service provider. This will bode well for you when they think of contacting you for a commission.

6. It Can Serve as an Engaging Marketing Medium

A great thing about business cards is that you can customize it in any way you like. This freedom of design makes it easy for you to get carried away and fill it with too much information. When you do this, though, it makes the card less engaging.

Doing this means there’s too much text to read. People get put off with walls of text and will often throw the card away.

Consider getting creative with your card instead. Engaging with your customers is easy as long as you provide only the essentials. Use the rest of the space for an engaging image to get their attention.

You should also consider interactive business cards. These are cards that can have additional effects like videos or an interactive interface. These are a great way to get the attention of whoever sees them.

Get a Modern Business Card for Business Today

A modern business card is a reliable way for you to do business with others. Engage with your potential clients and partners today by giving them your card!

Looking to print a professional-looking business card? Contact us here and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can!

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