The 14 Best Flyer Colours for Increasing Sales

The 14 Best Flyer Colours for Increasing Sales

In any successful print marketing campaign, colour matters. Certain colours grab a customer's attention which increases sales. Here are the 14 best flyer colours.

Designing flyers or company brochures for your business can be a stressful process. Choosing colors and fonts and other design options can seem overwhelming to many.

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Studies have shown that color is an important factor when people choose which businesses to support. So when you are creating your print marketing strategy, it is essential to get your colors right.

Certain colors can make people feel certain ways. Some convey certain feelings that you want people to associate with your company, some do the opposite.

That's why we've put together this list of the 14 best flyer colors so that you can choose what is the best color for your company.

1. Red

Red is a great color for marketing because it indicates passion, drive, and strength. It is a powerful color that will inspire confidence in your employees and customers.

Companies that use red in their marketing are often thought to be stronger than their competitors. Red communicates intensity and drive to the human subconscious. It's great for companies that are hoping to catch quick "impulse buys" from customers.

The intensity of the color is what makes red one of the most eye-catching colors, but you should use it sparingly. Too much red can be overwhelming.

2. Blue

Blue is one of the most popular colors. In fact, in some studies, it has been found to be the favorite among both men and women. Why is this?

As opposed to the intensity of red, blue communicates a sense of peace and tranquility. Consumers feel safe when they see blue in marketing materials. This comfort and security makes blue a great option for financial institutions.

Using blue in your print marketing could be a great option for your company if you are selling higher priced products, as the color will ease your customers tensions about making such large purchases.

3. Green

Anyone associated with the natural environment should consider using green in their print marketing. The color automatically communicates a connection to the earth and a concern for conservation.

However, it's not just greenhouses that can benefit from using green in their flyers. If you are advertising to a particularly environmentally-conscious audience, you may want to consider using green as well. The color can create a subconscious sense of unity between your company and that community.

4. Purple

If you are hoping to communicate power and strength, but don't want to stir up the feelings of frantic urgency that red creates, you may want to consider purple.

Purple has a regal feel to it, communicating power and opulence, so it's a great color for companies that want to stand out. Of course, as with any color, the shade you choose will greatly affect the feeling you are communicating with your flyers. Purple is one of the more malleable colors in terms of feelings associated with shade, so choose wisely.

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5. Black

Black may not seem like the smartest color choice for print marketing. It's often associated with things like death and despair. However, the color is much more effective than you might think.

In marketing, black is bold. Whether you use white or another bright color for your text, it creates immediately stark contrast, allowing your message to really pop.

The effectiveness of using black on your flyers will depend on the type of business you are. If you are in the high-end luxury market, black can be a great option. Otherwise, you may want to use the color sparingly in your print marketing.

6. Orange

Another tamer alternative to red, orange is a good color for companies hoping to communicate boldness without urgency.

Orange will help your company to stand out as it is quite rare in many marketing materials, and it also pops really well against most backgrounds. If your secondary colors are simpler like black or white, orange is a great way to make a statement without seeming too aggressive.

7. White

Like black, white is a great color for those seeking a high-contrast design for their print marketing. But it does more than create contrast, it too elicits several feelings that can be helpful in your marketing campaign.

White makes people think of cleanliness and a new start. It is a color of hope and is the source of many positive feelings for people.

Shade is also very important here. If you go too stark and bright, it will feel too clean. If you go with a warmer shade, they will feel much more comfortable.

8. Pink

Pink has a similar effect to red, but can work as a great accent color. It has a bit of a fantasy element to it when handled correctly which could really benefit your marketing campaign, depending on your demographic.

If you really want to stand out, pink can work as a more aggressive primary color, just be sure that this will fit your brand and won't reflect poorly on your company.

9. Teal

Teal is a popular color in 2018. It gives off a springtime vibe, which generates a lot of positive emotions. It can help your customers see that your products can help them to feel revitalized and new.

It also has a classic flair, giving people a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era. Teal also carries with it many of the positive effects of blue, with a unique flair. It's a great color for flyers for this reason.

10. Yellow

Yellow is harder to get right, so you will need to do your research. It is a very intense color that can elicit a lot of positive emotions, but also some negative ones if displayed incorrectly.

Interestingly enough though, yellow actually helps with memory. So if the purpose of your flyers is primarily brand recognition, you may want to consider using yellow. This color imprints on people's minds a lot more easily than other.

If you use too much yellow however, it can be very disorienting and causes the eyes to get tired more quickly.

11. Gold

Like purple, gold also communicates wealth and power. It works well with simple high-contrast colors like black or white.

Using gold can be dangerous though, as it can sometimes communicate a mightier-than-thou attitude, alienating your customers. If you wish to communicate wealth and power, you should do so in a way that makes your customers feel that they can achieve that status as well if they partner with you.

Gold also rarely works as a primary color and is best used to accent the primary color on your flyers.

12. Brown

Brown is a color that, like green, has ties to the earth. However, it does have other associations as well.

Brown can make the mind think of leather, which is associated with wealth. But it also conveys a certain down-to-earthness that purple and gold lack.

The color also indicates a sense of reliability and security. It is very important to build trust with your customers and using the color brown could be a way for you to do that.

Be sure to use the right shade though, plain brown is unattractive to most people, but certain coffee and wood tones will make your flyers seem much more elegant.

13. Grey

Grey may seem to be a boring color at first, but it can communicate a sense of trust as well. Grey portrays feelings of wisdom and old age. Now, you may not wish to appear old, but the color can give the feeling that you've been around a while and you know what you're doing.

This reliability will make your customers feel very secure when they look at your flyers and consider your company.

Use a variety of shades of grey, but also be sure to include splashes of color to really make your flyer pop. Plus, too much grey will bore people and possibly make them feel depressed even.

14. Silver

Silver is yet another color associated with wealth. However, today silver is more popular than gold, it feels more elegant and "cool."

Silver also has similar attributes to grey, except it feels less "old." It feels modern and chic and has certain calming qualities about it as well.

Silver is probably not a great option for a primary color but looks great when paired with black and many other colors. Using silver is a great way to communicate wealth and power without some of the haughty attitudes that gold can sometimes portray.

Which Flyer Colors Will You Choose?

We hope that this list of flyer colors has been helpful as you plan out your print marketing campaign. If you are looking to order some flyers for your business, please contact us and we can help you with your print marketing needs!

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