Ultra Thick Seam Cards

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Ultra thick seam cards are four layers of paper stock and take thickness to another level. These 40pt uncoated matte cards have two layers of your desired coloured paper stock sandwiched in between two enviro paper stocks. These cards are simply unique and will give you the recognition you deserve.

TIPS:  Seam cards are 100% writeable. They are the only coloured layered cards on the market that are this thick and that are printed on a high quality offset press just like all of our business card types. 

NOTE: Artwork is not included. We can create a custom design for you, contact our design team today. Our design fee for business cards is $60.

If you want to receive samples or have any questions, contact us now: info@neps.ca or 1.844.994.0442. We will mail you physical card samples for free!