Die Cutting

What is die-cutting?

Die cutting is custom shaped cutting using a laser cut steel rule die on a windmill or cylinder press. A sheet or paper, stationary stock will be fed through the press in to an area known as a "jacket" which holds your custom die that will cut out shapes or make perforations and/or creases. A series of gears will force the stock to rotate at the same speed as the rest of the press, ensuring that any cuts the die makes line up with the printing on the material.

Watch our video below to learn more about die cutting

Die cutting is commonly used for:

• Business Cards
• Postcards
• Bookmarks
• Coasters
• Stickers
• Labels
• Menus
• Folders
• Packaging
• Mail Outs
• Tickets
• Covers
• Custom Boxes
• Sleeves

How to set up files for die cutting?

When saving a file with die cutting, you must include a die line stamping mask file in addition to your print file. The mask file must be in the exact position as per the print file. If the area you are die cutting has a coloured background, please leave the fill of the background beyond the die line with a bleed. Please note, the die line file must be vector art created in a vector based programs such as Illustrator. The die line file is used to show where the die cutting needs to be cut. Be sure to only use solid 100% black. Colour code: C-0%, M-0%, Y-0%, K-100%) to indicate where you would like printed piece. Do not use shadows, glows or grayscale images. The black mask file should be on a plain white background. Accepted file die line file types: pdf, eps or ai. This information is also available on our FAQ page along with other resourceful information.

What you need to know...

All of our die cutting is done in-house at your Mississauga location just outside of Toronto. Anytime you add foil stamping to your printed products, it does add 1-3 days of production time. There is a die cost involved with everything that you wish to foil stamp. Dies can be reused on other printed products or on repeat orders. The die is made out of metal and is generally a one time fee. Approximate cost per die is an average of $60-$150 depending on the size of the die. Once you have purchased a die, the only other costs involed is the die cutting process. The first 1,000 pieces will cost anywhere from $45-$150 depending on the complexity of the die.

If you have any questions, contact us now, we would be glad to help!

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