What Is Print Design and Why Is It Important?

What Is Print Design and Why Is It Important?

Are you working on marketing your product or service? Of course, you have been working hard on your website and social media strategy, but what about your print design? 

While some people might look at print design as a thing of the past for makers and marketers alike, there's a lot to gain from working in print alongside your digital networking strategy.

If you're not working with a print designer yet, it might be time to look into it. There are real benefits to your business, especially from the millennial market. 

Print isn't dead yet, and there's real proof behind it. 

What is Print Design?

Print design is a different form of graphic design. Graphic design, popular amongst marketers, is made to convey information visually in one way or another. Sometimes it's more traditional, like traditional fine art. Other times, it utilizes typography, numbers, and measurements to help share information.

When graphic design is also print design, it's printed on to a tangible surface (generally paper or card stock of some kind). These things can be business cards or flyers, letterheads, banners, or a variety of things that someone can print their design on.

But how can these things help you?

Not Everyone Uses the Web

This might be shocking to the average internet user, but not everyone is plugged in all the time.  

While a lot of marketing is done via social media now, many people are trending away from the constant use of social media, and "unplugging" is getting more and more popular. 

While this shouldn't drive you away from your current marketing strategy, it never hurts to add a secondary source of effective marketing. 

Print design can provide you with things like posters, put up strategically in places where people who might want to utilize your service will see them. Flyers and postcards have a similar use, planted where your future customers are best able to find them.

These are real-life tangible objects that people can grab and take with them even if they don't spend a lot of time using the internet or social media. You could be missing out on customers in your own area by not trying to utilize print design on these printed products. 

People Like "Stuff"

This might seem very basic, but it's true.

If you have a well-designed piece of print for your product or service, it might seriously benefit you to try handing it out. 

A well-made business card or flyer doubles as an art piece and people are drawn to art. While their intent might not originally be to actually utilize your service, they'll see it every single time they look at the design on your printed product that they've grabbed. Print design is making the difference between them hanging on to your printed piece or not.

Handing things out like business cards, postcards, flyers or brochures at networking events is a great way to get people to keep you in mind. Calendars and note pads are useful printed products that people want to pick up and keep somewhere that they consistently use and can see. If they can see your design product, they will keep you top of mind next time they need your service or maybe when someone they know needs it as well.

A beautiful and well-designed printed product can go a long way.

You Can Still Use it Online

While this might vary depending on the producer of your print design product, generally speaking, you can post pictures of your fancy new objects online.

This means that it's further boosting your social media marketing campaign, and helping your marketing overall. 

A classy photo of some beautiful new business cards is a great post to any social media page and will be informational. You're getting double duty from good prints.

A Solid Logo is Great for Branding

Good branding is everything, and branding comes from graphic design. While you can definitely just hire a graphic designer to make you a logo, a good print designer will also use that logo for a host of other products.

Your logo can really shine and stand out and become associated with your personal brand. People will no longer need to hear the name of your company to associate a logo with your brand.

You'll Stand Out in the Crowd

While some are moving away from print, you'll be moving into it. 

Gone are the days when flyers collaged the wall of every university or the wood of every telephone pole. Now, you will stand with only a few, meaning that your company will be easier to spot.

If you choose your design well, you'll really stand out based on design and art alone. 

Having a solid host of print materials for you to give out to users of your product or service will only help you. It's not meant to replace your solid website marketing strategy, but it will help boost it while some have forgone print entirely.

Web Marketing Moves Quickly

People scroll past things so quickly now that unless they're truly spectacular, they often don't stick in the brain. 

Users spend over two hours daily on social media now, and it's unlikely that your product or service is getting the amount of eye-time that it needs for your marketing to be truly effective.

Something tangible that a person takes by choice is going to stick with them longer, at least for longer than an image they can scroll past in a micro moment. People are more likely to remember things that they read in print than they are ads or content that flash by on their screens while scrolling. You need these people to remember you.

Have You Tried Print Design For Your Brand?

It might seem old-school, but print design is making a comeback in a big way. Using it can gain your business new customers and help your long-term customers keep you in mind. 

Filling people's pockets with well-designed business cards and printed products is a way to bring more art into the world, onto your social media account, and into your customer base.

For more information on print design, or to order some custom printed products for your business, visit us. We can produce variety of printed products to help advertise your business.

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