9 Reasons Why You Should Still Use Promotional Flyers for an Event

9 Reasons Why You Should Still Use Promotional Flyers for an Event

Are you planning on holding a grand opening for your new store, hosting an open house for a home you're selling, or throwing some other kind of event sometime soon?

You might think that simply promoting the event on social media should be more than enough to attract a crowd. After all, just about everyone (and their mother!) is on social media these days. So shouldn't a quick Facebook or Twitter post about your event generate the buzz you're looking for?

Social media can get the ball rolling. But in order to make your event a true success, you should create promotional flyers for an event as well. It'll ensure you're doing everything you can to let people know about your grand opening or open house.

Take a look at the 9 reasons why you should still use promotional flyers for an event despite the popularity of social media.

1. Flyers for an Event Can Be Used to Reach a Targeted Audience

One of the problems with using social media posts to promote an event is that you never know exactly who is reading those posts.

You might want to target those who live in a specific part of town with your posts. But for all you know, you could be reaching those who don't even live in your town anymore!

With promotional flyers for an event, you can ensure that you're able to target a very specific audience with your flyers. You can pass them out in the part of the town you want to reach to make sure people know about your event.

2. They'll Be a Lot More Creative Than Social Media Posts

When you put up a post about an event on Facebook or Twitter, you can't be all that creative with it. You're restricted as far as what you can post by the different social media platforms.

With promotional flyers for an event, you'll be able to make your flyers look and feel like whatever you want. You can use crazy colors, wild fonts, and photos to grab people's attention.

3. They'll Serve as Tangible Reminders for Your Event

How many times have you seen a post for an event on social media and then immediately forgotten all about when and where the event was going to be held just a few minutes later?

People see so many things on social media these days that it's hard for them to remember everything. That won't be an issue with flyers for an event.

When you hand someone a flyer for an event you're throwing, they'll be able to refer back to it quickly. It's much easier than trying to dig through a pile of social media posts to find the date and time of your event.

4. They'll Double as a Coupon If You Want

The flyers you put together for your event can do more than just encourage people to come and check it out.

They can also incentivize their attendance by providing them with a coupon. Your flyer can double as a 20 percent off coupon at your new store or a "Buy one, get one free" coupon at your new restaurant.

You could try to take this same approach on social media. But it wouldn't be as effective since people would need to go through the hassle of printing out a coupon or trying to find a social media post once they arrive at your event.

5. They'll Let You Know How Effective Your Marketing Campaign Was

When you take the time to create a marketing campaign, you want to know how effective it was when everything is all said and done. It'll help you with future marketing campaigns.

You can check on the effectiveness of a marketing campaign featuring promotional flyers without putting forth much effort. Take a look at how many people bring their flyers to your event to gauge how effective your campaign was overall.

6. They'll Prove to Be One of the Most Cost-Effective Ways of Advertising

If you want to promote an event without spending a fortune, printing out flyers for it is still one of your most affordable options.

It's more cost-effective than running advertisements on local TV and radio stations. It's also more cost-effective than paying for social media platforms to promote your posts about your event.

7. They'll Allow You to Reach People in Many Different Ways

By arming yourself with promotional flyers for an event, you'll give yourself lots of options as far as distributing those flyers.

You can:

  • Walk around a neighborhood and hand the flyers out door-to-door
  • Place the flyers on the windshields on vehicles in a large parking lot
  • Stand in a train or bus station and hand the flyers out to people walking by
  • Insert the flyers into local newspapers
  • And more!

There are so many different ways to distribute promotional flyers once you have them in your hands. Just make sure you stay within the limits of the law when you do it.

8. They'll Offer You an Unmatched Versatility

In addition to being easy to distribute, promotional flyers can also be made to come in many shapes and sizes.

If you leave promotional flyers flat, they'll serve as leaflets. If you hang them up on telephone poles, they'll serve as posters. They can even serve as postcards when you print them out on thick paper and make them slightly smaller.

9. They'll Get the Name and Logo of Your Organization Out Into the World

The people who receive promotional flyers from you might not show up to your event.

But they will, at the very least, be exposed to both your business name and your logo. That might entice them to come and see what your business is all about later.

Promotional flyers for an event will help bring an awareness to your business that it wouldn't otherwise receive if you chose to go the social media route.

Use Promotional Flyers for an Event for Your Business

More and more businesses are using digital marketing when advertising events. But there is still a place in the world for promotional flyers for an event.

As you can see, you'll enjoy a whole host of benefits with printed promotional flyers. Whether you use them alone or alongside a social media campaign, they'll prove to be well worth the investment on your part.

Read our blog to learn how to design winning promotional flyers for your business.

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