5 Tips for Print Marketing Materials that Work

5 Tips for Print Marketing Materials that Work

With the rise of digital convenience, you might be right to think that the days of print products would be over.

You would be wrong.

Print marketing materials of all kinds are still in heavy use around the world, and not as a dying gasp of an old industry, but thriving as an answer to a new one.

What does this all mean for you and your business? Let's find out.

The Power of Print Marketing Materials

For decades, print was the king of information. With the rise of the internet and digital marketing, print should have fallen by the wayside. 

The truth is that print still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Whether it is exploiting something unique that print has, or working in tandem with digital marketing, print has done a lot of things but fade away is not one of them.

The Truth of Print

How does print keep its power in the day of digital advertisement? While there are other factors, and they will get discussed below, they all hold a simple truth.

Print is a tangible form that people have to deal with.

Meaning that when someone gets handed something physical, it takes their full attention. People who are on their phones a lot get used to digital advertising and can ignore it or brush past it.

When a piece of advertising is in your hand, you have to at least give it a glance. The curiosity alone of handing out a physical object can be enough to hook a new customer.

Even if someone goes to throw it away, there are a few precious seconds before they can do it that might make them look over your advertisement. Those extra seconds can be all you need.

Print Marketing That Works

Some print product has a bit of a leg up over others. These five have a bit of an edge in how they present themselves and how people see them.

Learning from what makes these the print marketing that works will help your business go further.

1. Business Cards

When you are trying to advertise for your business, very little beats a face to face interaction. Getting a chance to talk to people, and listen to them as well, can make a powerful impression on the future customer.

The biggest impact you can guarantee from that meeting? The last note to remember you by. Give them your business card, and they will have a physical reminder of your meeting.

Business cards carry all the information your potential customers need. Not only will they have contact information on them, but they also can, and should, feature your brand.

Whether it is a logo, a tagline, or something bigger, a business card can be the easiest and most efficient way to get across what makes your business so unique. 

2. Direct Mail

You would think that the rate of people bothering to read mail advertisements would be far too low to even bother. It might surprise you that 42% of recipients at least scan over their mail. 

As with the truth of print has shown us, you only need a moment to catch a customer.

If your direct mail is eye-catching and to the point, you might lure in someone quick and easy before they even consider throwing the mail away. 

3. Branded Materials

The more times a person sees a particular brand in a single day, the more chances they have to consider buying into the brand itself.

When you have your brand plastered on as many areas as you can afford to fit it, your chances for recognition skyrocket. 

Any kind of item can be an advertisement for your brand. That said, stick to the items that are functional and used in wide varieties.

T-shirts are a big one. Not only do they promote yourself to the wearer all the time, but the wearer also becomes a walking billboard, sharing your brand with the world with each step.

Connecting your brand with usefulness is also nice. Pens are useful and easy to give away. Phone chargers and cases connect with the device so many people use on a daily basis. 

Stickers and flyers allow your customers to decorate any surface with your brand. When you get to the level that your supporters want to express themselves through your brand and spread the word themselves, you have an engine of advertisement.

4. Company Brochures

When you have a chance to meet with your customers, you have a chance to sell them on your business and product. 

What happens when you can't be there to give the speech in person?

A well thought out and designed brochure can do the same thing. Fill it with all the information and details that make your company worth dealing with and your customer won't need to go anywhere else.

Brochures need to have a hook. Get them interested in opening it up, and from there the details of your business have a chance to sell themselves.

5. Thank You Cards

Some may consider this a surprising one but thank you cards serve a very important detail in dealing with customers: making them feel wanted.

The traditional holiday thank you cards may be a little over the top, but the message is still the same.

When a customer gets a personalized thank you card from a business they dealt with, they feel appreciated. Kindness goes a long way here. Show them that you want more than their money.

Make the thank you cards unique, make them handwritten and styled to your brand. You can get fancy with some unique stationary or envelopes. You can also include coupons or special deals made for that particular customer.

The point is, if your customer feels special, it will make you look special.

Printing a Way Forward

Print is not a dead form of advertisement, but it requires some extra thinking. 

Working with print marketing materials is our bread and butter. Now that you know how potent print can be, you know how well we can help you on your way to greatness. For more info, contact us now!

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