5 Secrets to Running High-Response Direct Mail Campaigns

5 Secrets to Running High-Response Direct Mail Campaigns

In our increasingly digital world of online marketing and email campaigns, you might think mail pieces can't compete. 

On the contrary, direct mail campaigns are still an effective way to find new customers and connect with potential leads. Where email is easily ignored or deleted, between 70-80% of consumers say they open most of their mail--even "junk" mail. 

The keys to getting your mail opened are a strategy, content, and design. Once open, you want consumers to take action and become customers. 

Before you toss out your direct mail program, consider these five simple secrets to creating your next successful campaign. 

1. Make Sure Your Mailing Gets Noticed

A direct mail campaign won't work if no one notices your mail campaign. 

First and foremost, you must focus on your message that you want to convey to your recipients, and then a key element will be your design. Work with a graphic designer to get this done. Think of it from the consumer perspective, if you doesn't look professional, they likely won't consider your offerings.

This is the right time to be bold, and invest in creative if you haven't in the past. These efforts don't go unnoticed and you can use elements of this design for promotional flyers or digital marketing. 

Over-designed, full-colour mail pieces can come across as that dreaded "junk" mail that screams "buy something!" One secret to getting people inside the interested is a simple, clean design. 

People enjoy mail because it's more personal than an email. Create intrigue with an envelope as well. You can make it feel like a personal letter.

Don't give away the whole story on the envelope. Entice the recipients of your mailing to open the envelope and see what's inside. 

The story of your offer starts on the envelope. It's a teaser. Copy and design should be simple but eye-catching.

Once inside the envelope, reward the reader with the rest of your story. This is your offer or call-to-action. 

2. Drive Action With Your Offer

Your direct mail campaign will fall flat if your offer isn't worth the effort to consumers. 

Make sure your offer is worthwhile. Whether it's a free gift, a discount, an online survey, or something else unique to your business, put some good thought into it. 

Direct mail is often a successful way to drive consumers to your website. When they get there, they can learn more about your service or product. They can also sign-up to receive your offer.

Use the mailing to give potential new customers a task and reward them for their actions. 

Be sure your offer is in sync with your business, branding, and message. You're building an identity and relationship with new customers. 

Avoid offering anything that seems cheap or off-message. You'll risk disconnecting from your potential new customers.

3. Talk to Your Target Audience

There are two types of direct mail audiences: current customers or prospects.

To encourage the best response from your campaign, know which audience is right for your campaign. Create it with your audience in mind. 

When mailing to your current customers, write to them as though you know them. Create an offer that enhances the relationship you've already started. Your goal with current customers is to increase their engagement with your company. 

Never treat them like a stranger. Encourage them to learn more about products and services. 

When mailing to a prospective new customer, you have to build the relationship from scratch. These names can come from a rented list or by targeting a geographic location. 

Your mailing should give information about who you are, why the potential customer needs your product or service, and how you can serve them. Encourage them to take advantage of an offer that gets them in your door. 

4. Focus On Copy

While it's tempting to fall into the trap of eye-catching design, copy rules when it comes to direct mail. You can waste time and money on a design that doesn't enhance your mailing or your message. 

Your mailing's design should drive people to your message and offer--not distract from it. 

The copy must be strategic. It should communicate who you are, what you do, and why consumers need what you do to meet a need.

Create urgency with your message. Give enough information to inform, but not so much information that people stop reading before your call-to-action. 

Add personalization to your copy. A personalized experience helps consumers open your mailing and feel important.

Use the recipient's name to address the letter. "Dear Mrs. Smith" is much more personal and appealing than "Dear Friend."

Remember, you're building a relationship. Talk to your audience like a new friend. Help them feel welcome and invite them to take advantage of your offer. Avoid copy that's too "sales-y" or over-the-top. 

5. Follow-up

Are we suggesting more mail? Yes, we are. 

We're not trying to increase your direct marketing costs. It's true: email communication is less expensive than a mailing.

But your goal isn't cheap marketing. Your goal is effective marketing. 

We're also not suggesting you stuff anyone's mailbox with daily mailings. But keep in mind this marketing rule of thumb: on average, it takes seven contacts for a consumer to take action. 

It's possible that the first mailing is the start of a new relationship. But it might take a few more contacts to encourage your new customer to take action. 

Follow-up with a second mailing to the same audience list. It should be similar in look and feel, but with slight changes to copy and design.

Acknowledge that you reached out before. You're just checking in, and your offer ends soon. 

Direct Mail Campaigns Are Alive and Well

You might think direct mail campaigns are "old school." And they are. 

They also work! Our obsession with technology hasn't changed our desire for a personal touch through the mail. 

Be sure your mailing goes out with the same quality that represents your company. NEPS has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to fulfill your printing and marketing needs.

Execution of your direct mail campaign can make or break its success. We take your strategic vision and bring it to life through our quality printing services. 

Trust the experts to print your campaign pieces! Contact us to get started on your next project. 

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