Tips for Printed Marketing Campaigns Every Business Owner Should Know

Tips for Printed Marketing Campaigns Every Business Owner Should Know

In our everyday lives, we really on technology and the Internet for a variety of tasks. It seems as though we're always plugged into our mobile devices. Digital marketing has allowed businesses a new avenue to sell their products and services.

Still, though, digital marketing shouldn't be considered the only way to reach your consumer base. As popular as social media and online advertising are, don't forget about print materials. They are still worth your investment - if you use them right.

In fact, studies show that four out of five small business owners declare that print materials are valuable. In one way or another, they have seen the worth of printed materials help them stand out as a brand. You deserve to market your business by any means available.

Do so with an informed strategy to ensure you're capitalizing. Read the details of the following thirteen printed marketing tips.

You Can Still Use Social Media To Research Your Target Audience

Sure, the point of this article us to convince you of print media's merits. That doesn't mean digital marketing isn't useful at all. Maintaining an active social media brings many benefits to your brand.

When it comes to the best print marketing strategies, active social media accounts could help you. Use the online communities you have already established to gather opinions and suggestions from your loyal followers. These folks are your best bet to get feedback directly from your consumer base.

Target the ideal customers for your business, and find them through social media accounts. Then, build a series of questions regarding which materials or graphics they prefer. This is the perfect way to get an idea of what kind of print marketing materials your customers will actually want.

Don't Forget About the Local Consumer Base

Speaking of your current consumer base, don't forget about your current location. People in your area are perhaps one of your best opportunities for loyal customers. Even if you've connected with them on social media or online, there's more you can do.

Use local stores and shops to promote your printed materials. This could be in the form of collectible items you can sell for retail. Anything with your brand name on it would be a valuable investment in printed materials.

Don't Ever Run Out of Business Cards

You and all of your upper-level employees should always have plenty of business cards. Even with professionals connecting online more and more these days, business cards aren't going anywhere.

In fact, it's smart to have them on hand even when you're not at a work function. You can hope for an opportunity to spread your brand without needing a digital device. Professional business cards are crucial for any business hoping to look sophisticated.

Business cards are, in particular, essential for networking functions. Make sure you grab a handful of business cards and attend local networking events to meet other professionals. You might find that some relationships will be worth building, thanks to keeping in contact through business cards

Keep Up with the Holidays

For whatever flyers or signs you use, it's always important to be aware of the times. For example, you wouldn't want your promotional materials to feature a sun and an ocean in the middle of winter.

Your potential customers would prefer you were conscious of the seasons. It'll show them that you are conscious of their everyday lives, too.

Keep Your Brand Consistent Even Online

It doesn't matter if they see it online or on a sign - your customers will remember your logo. This is true for all parts of your brand - your brand is the personality of your entire business.

That means that even though printed marketing is different than your digital marketing strategies, the brand shouldn't be. You need to present a unified personality that shows your customers your genuine dedication to them.

Think of it this way. Your printed marketing materials could actually be used to point towards your online presence. It could lead your customers to follow your social media accounts or check out your website.

Since there will likely be a lot of back and forth if you promote well, the brand needs to always be the same. The includes color scheme, the tone of customer service, and even font types.

Use Your Digital and Printed Marketing Campaigns To Promote Each Other

A corresponding tip would be to be intentional about using both your digital and printed marketing strategies. They can definitely be used to promote each other.

It might be helpful to think of this tip as a balancing act. You should remember that your business's marketing strategy is one, coherent plan. The separation of digital and printed materials is only a way to organize those tactics.

Only Work with the Best Professional Printing Services

Of course, quality is a concern that you need to remember. You don't want to hand out boring flyers or illegible business cards. You invest in proper digital marketing services, so take care to do the same for your printed materials.

Sure, it will cost you some finances upfront, but it'll be worth it. Especially if you properly promote, printed materials will pay for themselves by the exposure they'll bring your business.

Connect Long Distances with Postcards

Remember, printed marketing materials don't have to be boring. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box when thinking about ideas for printed materials.

One idea is to design postcards that incorporate your brand somehow. Do some research to explore postcard design ideas. You'll find that there are many sophisticated, engaging designs to inspire what would suit your brand.

Postcards are a way to connect people across long distances. Designing adorable templates would prove to customers that you want to be a part of their personal lives. It's yet another touching way to stay engaged with your customers' needs.

You Can Print on All Kinds of Items

When you think of print marketing, you might only be thinking of paper materials. This would be limiting the possibilities, though. There are all kinds of things professional printing services specialize in these days.

Think about products like duffle bags, hats, clothing items, pens, or even towels. All of these items could be branded with your business. Try not to put limitations on your business's opportunities.

You could gift these branded items to your employees for free exposure, for example. At the very least, you could sell them in stores for a retail profit. The more you produce, the more you'll find used by people everywhere.

Magazines Aren't Dead

A lot of times, we think that printed materials have no hope of overtaking the digital marketing revolution. We should remember, though, that some modes of print materials are still going strong in modern society.

One example of this would be that of magazines. Trust that advertising in a magazine could still be just as beneficial for your brand as an online advertisement.

For certain industries, like beauty or fashion, paper magazines are crucial for marketing. This is even the case for young people who grew up with the Internet.

In fact, studies show that 95% of people under 25 read magazines on a regular basis. It's clear that the magazine world is still going strong, so it might benefit you to invest in some of that ad space.

Direct Mail Is Read More Often Than E-Mail

Speaking of print materials becoming less powerful, what about direct mail? What happened to businesses corresponding through the postal service instead of a social media blast?

The good news is that direct mail marketing doesn't seem to be gone. In fact, it seems to be thriving in some ways.

People are more likely to read mail that is physically delivered to them. Over 80% of people are likely to open physical mail. In contrast, only 20% of people open every E-Mail they get.

It's clear that the direct mail system is still a viable opportunity to connect with your customers.

Let Your Employees Show Off Your Brand's Swag

As mentioned above, you could easily give your employees branded products to show off. Even if these come in the form of a holiday gift, your employees are likely to use them one way or another. Soon enough, their friends and family members will be exposed to your brand.

Stay Informed about Printing and Marketing Trends

At the end of the day, you only care about a successful printed marketing campaign. The last and most important tip to remember is that this is a process that'll never end.

Printed materials will always be around to promote businesses in all kinds of ways. There is no reason for you to miss out on the same opportunities your competitors are taking advantage of. That means you need to stay informed about what marketing strategies will work.

No matter what you think you know about printed marketing, it's always a good idea to do some research. We encourage you to check out the rest of our blog about printed marketing trends. We know how important it is to optimize every marketing avenue available to help your business.

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