Film Lamination

What is O.P.P. film lamination?

Film Lamination Come in a variety of different types of laminations. Our most popular lamionations are gloss, matte and soft touch lamination.

Gloss Lamination - provides a high shine and glare surface. This lamination is often used on menu’s and meant to go through multiple sets of hands.

Silk Lamination - also referred to as matte lamination offer the same protective features as gloss lamination while providing a silky smooth finish.

Suede Lamination - also referred to as soft touch or velvet amination is often used for business, book covers and high end product packaging.

Watch our video below to learn more about film lamination

Film lamination is commonly used for...

• Magazine Covers
• Booklets Covers
• Business Cards
• Greeting Cards
• Product Packaging
• Document Protection
• Flyers & Brochures
• Bookmarks

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