The Advantages of Having Business Cards Today in the Digital Age

The Advantages of Having Business Cards Today in the Digital Age

Even with the wave of technology and online sales tactics taking over the corporate world, there's still room in your business plan for the old tricks.

In fact, your sales and marketing campaigns have a lot to gain from printed marketing methods such as good, old-fashioned business cards. They're still highly-effective and can spread your brand and name like wildfire.

Many people aren't familiar with all of the benefits that having business cards today can offer their business. 

Here are a few things you should consider as to why you need to order business cards for you and all your employees/coworkers right away!

1. They Encourage Face to Face Tactics

Creating a personal connection with prospects is and always will be the number one way to convert them to sales. While some take longer to build than others, they all eventually purchase with enough lead nurturing and relationship building.

That entire process starts by meeting the person face-to-face for the first time. No other form of collateral, both online or offline, encourages that more than business cards.

Consider this, equipping your staff with business cards holds them accountable. It's a way for you to measure how effectively they're shaking hands and building leads.

Without them, your employees may focus on online tactics such as emails, connecting through social media, etc. 

While those certainly have their place in business, they don't convert to follow-up business meetings as often.

Meanwhile, handing them business cards with their name on it and saying "go get 'em kid!" encourages them to get out in front of clients. They'll try avenues such as networking events and drop-ins as a result.

2. Adds to the First Impression

First impressions are crucial, and you only get one of them per prospect. After that, you're at the mercy of how they perceive you. Better come equipped!

Business cards are aesthetically-pleasing and make you look even more professional and official than your favourite business suit.

They also help the client associate your name and face with the brand of the company that you work for. From now on, anytime they see that brand's logo on a billboard or the internet, your face will pop up in their mind... now that's brand recall!

All great conversations about the business should end with an exchange of business cards. 

The worst thing that can happen is a potential client offering to exchange cards with you and you not having any. That's a first impression that will be hard to shake. 

3. Promotes Further Connection

Many people like to think of business cards as an essential step in online marketing and sales tactics. 

After you've met face to face, you exchange business cards to keep the conversation going. How do you do that? By reaching out to them via the contact info on their card.

Everyone knows to put your name, number, and email address on there. But mix things up by placing your twitter handle, LinkedIn account, Facebook page, etc. on it as well.

Whatever their favourite form of communication is, they'll be happy that you share the same love for it and will be glad to connect with you on it.

More importantly, it helps set your plan in motion. You're going to sell them based on the number of touchpoints you reach them at. Getting their business card gives you several different touch-points avenues to reach them and vice verse.

4. They're Incredibly Affordable

There are few marketing or sales items that you can purchase in such high-quality for as low of a dollar amount as business cards.

You can customize the amount that you'd like to order for each employee to stay within your budget.

Better yet, you have several options on printing styles to striking a perfect balance between the price and quality you're going for.

Does your business thrive on luxury and need business cards to reflect that? You can't get much fancier than personalized linen cards with your logo and contact info on them.

Trying to stay as high-quality as possible with a significant amount of employees you'll need to customize business cards for? Semi-gloss business cards still offer a great look at a low price and can be written on with a pen.

Whatever message you're trying to send with your business cards, it can be achieved without compromising your resources.

5. They Go with You Everywhere

The funny thing about business is that you never know when or where you'll run into a potential client.

Heck, you could be at your kid's soccer game and run into someone looking for your business. When that happens, you only need to exchange business cards to further the conversation and turn them into a qualified prospect.

There aren't many other forms of marketing that can trade contact information faster, not even your phone. Hand them your card and shoot them a text to the phone number on it later in the day. 

Always keep a few business cards in your wallet or purse and you'll be ready to exchange contact info at any time.

Start Customizing Your Business Cards Today!

Now that you've seen all the benefits of having business cards today, it's time to reach out and begin the customization process for your company's cards.

Be sure to read this article for further benefits of print media and how they can help your business thrive in today's marketplace.

For more inquiries on our services and products, please fill out our online contact form and we'll be happy to assist you further.

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