How to Make a Good Flyer for Advertising Your Small Business

How to Make a Good Flyer for Advertising Your Small Business

Small businesses depend on advertising to thrive. While some modes break the budget, flyer distribution can get you seen fairly inexpensively.

But don't view flyers as the easy route and just throw something together. Learn how to make a good flyer so you can create an effective marketing tool that perfectly targets your client base.

How to Make a Good Flyer for Your Small Business

If you're going to spend money and effort in getting your business name out there, do so in a purposeful way that directs customers to your business. Follow these tips to make the perfect business flyer.

Choose a Direction

Nothing will make somebody look straight past a flyer than a bombardment of information. Pick a direction and stick with it.

You can highlight your business as a whole, and stay away from details about one particular product or service. Or, you can highlight one particular aspect of your business that you wish to build on, and stick to details about that service or product only.

Flyers that try to tell you about everything at once tend to look frantic. This loses potential customers.

Select the Appropriate Medium

Deliver your message on something that makes sense. Your choices make a serious difference.

When deciding what to choose for your informative flyer, consider: 


Some font and paper colour combos make reading a headache. Make sure you choose a colour combo that's easy on the eyes.

Also, choose a font that people can read effortlessly. Trying to get fancy with it can hinder your purpose.

Business Colours

You want to brand yourself into customer's minds with colours. If you do this correctly, eventually your colour scheme will make people think of your company prior to reading the flyer.

Paper Weight

Consider the type of business you own. A sports bar owner might use lightweight paper while somebody with a tax business may opt for a heavier weight, for a more professional look.


What can you afford?

Though every little detail can make a difference in presenting your business, you do not want to break the bank. Nobody will fault you for using a lighter weight paper and making cost-effective choices if you just opened your business and need to budget.

Headline Them In

Headlines are extremely important. Your headline should catch the attention of your target market and entice them. It can make the difference between people reading more or walking by. 

To create a catchy headline:

Make Your Purpose Clear 

Do you want to draw people into your "Huge Sale"? Or, do you hope to promote a new service you offer? Make your point clear and concise in your headline.

Make It Snappy

Write a few strong words that pack a punch. Using puns or alliterations make it sound snappy and can really catch your audience's attention.

Ask a Question 

This strategy works because questions trigger the more evolved portion of the brain. When answering the question in their heads, the person prioritizes the information on your flyer.

Utilize Trends

People appreciate the witty use of their favourite trends. For instance, #hashtagyourheadline. 

Write It Last

Layout your flyer and then decide what makes sense for your headline. This will ensure that it truly captures the essence of your message on the flyer.

Choose Appropriate Graphics

As they say, a picture says a thousand words. Use this to your advantage.

Make sure that your graphics match your message. Do not choose an awesome picture that does not make sense, or your message can get lost in translation. Cool flyer designs capture customers.

Decide if you want to elicit a feeling from your potential clientele, or if you would rather directly show them what you offer. If you really do not know what type of graphics to go with, use your company logo. 

Chunk Your Info

Chunking small bits of information will make your flyer more appealing to read than creating long paragraphs. Remember, you want to advertise your business, not write a biography about it.


Bullet points allow you to say more without crowding your flyer. They also help you avoid overlooking little grammar mistakes that will stick out like a sore thumb.

Call to Action

Throw a call to action at the bottom of your flyer. This tells your reader what to do with the information they just read.

Some call to action examples include:

  • Visit us today!
  • Join now!
  • Call today for a free consultation!
  • Get your ____ today!
  • Don't wait. Schedule an appointment today!
  • Let us help you live your best life!
  • Save money by choosing us!

You can make the call to action more than one sentence. But, try not to make it so long that people ignore it.

Get creatively clever. But, do not make your call to action obscure. You want people to know exactly what they should do next.

Provide Your Contact Info

Encourage people to come in, call, and visit your website. Do so by putting all of your contact information in plain sight.

Nobody wants to play detective and search for your business. In fact, Google may pop up somebody else in their search and leave you basically advertising for your competitors.


You can have the best flyer design and promise people the world. But if you do so without understanding 'their" interests and make it about "they're interests" instead, nobody will take you seriously.

Pay close attention to every detail. Use words, punctuation, and tenses all properly.

If grammar is not your strong suit:

  • ask two other people to proofread you before printing
  • copy and paste it into Grammarly
  • use for proper headline capitalization
  • run sentences through Language Tool, which works for multiple languages

Proper grammar will make you appear more professional. You want your potential customers to see that you do not miss a detail.

Create an Amazing Flyer

Now that you know how to make a good flyer, get to work. Plaster the town with your masterpiece to draw in new customers and hang onto currents.

We want to help you succeed! Check out our print services!

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