See Why The Business Card Still Remains A Key Part Of the Business World

See Why The Business Card Still Remains A Key Part Of the Business World

You’ve started up a new business. Now comes the time for you to get the word around about your products and services. You can come up with an email list and post things to social media but those aren’t going to be as effective as going old school.

We’re talking about business cards. You can make a bunch to them for not a lot of money which makes them the perfect thing to use for you to get your name out there and make a good first impression with potential clients.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few good reasons why business cards still reign supreme in this world of technology.

Not Everyone Owns a Smartphone

Many businesses are turning to use business cards on smartphones. The problem with that is not every person has one. While a good portion of the population does, you shouldn't look over the ones who don't want one due to not being tech-savvy or not wanting the distraction.   

That's where physical business cards come in. It's a traditional way of telling people about your business that doesn't involve technology. It makes it easier for them to respond back to you too. 

It's Personal 

Using your cellphone to swap contact information right there on the spot is convenient this is true but it's not personal. You can't get to know someone or have a conversation when both of you have your heads stuffed in a phone. 

You need to make eye to eye contact with potential clients. Talk to them and attempt to open up an actual relationship. This is how your name and face will stay fresh in the client's mind. 

You or them can always put the information on your business card in their phone later but first, hand them the card. 

Direct Marketing Tool

Social media and email marketing is a great place to attract new clients but it's a little limited. Carrying around a pocket full of business cards works as a direct marketing tool which is a lot more effective. 

You can give them out no matter where you go from the airport to the coffee shop. It gives you way more chances to give your information to potential clients.   

Great First Impression

When you're meeting with a potential client you want to give them the best first impression possible. Business cards are that introduction. Think about the value of giving someone a nice or interesting business card vs giving out your contact information. 

More conversation will spur from the business card.

Speaking of which, you want to opt for an interesting card. For example, a metal business card will have more of a lasting impression on a customer than a plain white one with some text on it.  

It Will Get Shared

So, you meet with a potential client and you share contact information. That's as far as it goes. They may give your information to a friend that is looking for someone that performs the service that you do but that's a big maybe. 

Friends and family show each other things that they think are cool or interesting. So, if you hand over a creative business card, it's more likely to get shared than your contact information. 

They Show You're Prepared 

If someone asks for your contact information you don't want to be scrambling around for a pen and paper or worse, ask the potential client if they have one. It makes you look ill-prepared, to say the least. 

Some people put business cards on their smartphones but imagine doing this all day at a trade show. Phone batteries don't last forever so again, you end up looking ill-prepared. 

If you can whip out a business card and hand it to potential clients you come off as prepared and a lot more professional.  

You Can Leave Them Around Everywhere 

You can't leave your smartphone at a small business and ask for the clerk to get the word out. What you can do is take a handful of your business cards into a shop and ask them if they will display them at the front for you.  

Business cards are convenient in that they can be left anywhere you want.

Go out to eat at a restaurant? Leave a business card with your tip. You never know, the waitress who picks it up may call you for your services or at least pass it down to a co-worker who can use it.

As you can see, it's a lot easier to get the word out about your services than if it was stuck on a smart device. 

They're Not Expensive

Some business owners are under the misconception that it costs a lot to buy a large bundle of business cards but it's not. You may pay a little bit extra for the fancy ones but even those are worth it because they bring in clients. 

Business Cards Are Still a Big Part of the World

Using social media and email marketing to get the word around about your business can be effective but it's not the only strategy that you should be using. You need to get out there, show your face, and give out business cards. They're old school but as you can see, aren't as obsolete as some may think. 

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